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Alliance Steel Corporation® is a service center that specializes in the processing and distribution of flat rolled carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel coils and sheets. Certified ISO 9001-2008, our company offers a complete range of services.

Cut-to-length and multi-cut blanking

Our three lines, including two RED BUD and one DELTA BRANDS, produce very flat material which surpasses the industry’s norms.

The powerful RED BUD lines, with their precision HERR VOSS levellers, combine a quick and accurate cutting system with superior levelling technology. Levellers on both lines are set up to process surface critical material (5-HI). Our RED BUD lines can multi-cut and slit .134 and lighter.

  • DELTA BRANDS : .134" X 72" wide

    Can cut up to lengths of 240"

  • RED BUD : .134" x 72" wide

    Can cut-to-length & blank (multi-cut) up to .134 x 72": can cut up to lengths of 192"; This line is dedicated to clean material: non-ferrous, Cold rolled, Galvanized, Galvannealed, or Galvalume.

  • RED BUD : .019-.250 x 72" wide

    1st leveller: can cut-to-length up to .250 x 72" and 5/16 x 48" CS and blank (multi-cut) up to .134; Can cut up to lengths of 360"; leveller roll size 3 ¼"

    2nd leveller: 1 ¾" rolls; 5 HI; capacity .019-.100

Cut-to-size shearing

Whatever the quantities required, small or large, Alliance Steel Corporation® can provide exceptionally precise and rapid cut-to-size shearing with its two Cincinnati shears (both FSU and computer controlled) and one Promecan shear.

  • Cincinnati (Hydraulic): 3/8" x 12'
  • Cincinnati (Hydraulic): 1/4" x 12'
  • Promecan: ¼" x 10'

Interleaving paper and PVC film.

Alliance Steel Corporation® has available paper interleaving as well as many types of PVC film applications depending on your needs, including PVC film of various colours and Nitto (laser quality).

Alliance Steel Corporation® services

Other services supplied to our customers

  • Slitting: Alliance Steel Corporation® can supply you with slit products that meet the most stringent tolerance requirements in the industry
  • Perforating
  • Pre-painting
Alliance Steel Corporation® services